Dealing with your strata owners corporation about your property and rights can be frustrating and perplexing. The longer things drag on the harder they are to resolve. Our pet applications, renovation applications, and repair and maintenance dispute notices are designed to be used at an early stage to help you get what you want as quickly as possible, and are priced accordingly.

Pet Applications

Disputes about pets are decided on the facts put before the committee when the initial decision is made. Our pet application has been written to comply with all the leading cases about pets in strata and will make it very hard for a committee to say no where there is a discretion to accept or reject pets. If the committee acts unreasonably using our pet application, you will be in the best possible position to get an order from the disputes tribunal allowing you to keep your pet.

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Renovation Applications

You buy an apartment or townhouse and you think it’s your property and you can do what you like to it within reason - well not quite. Because there are shared walls, floors and ceilings owned by the owners corporation you will need the permission of the strata before you do any work. You might even need a special by-law. Our renovation application sets out all the terms and conditions the disputes tribunal has determined to be reasonable.


Repair and Maintenance Dispute Notices

Reading strata plans to determine who’s responsible for what property when it needs maintenance or repairs takes time, effort and skill. Sadly, not enough strata professionals can or will do this when questions arise about who has to pay the bill for damages and whether insurance polices apply. Delays on repairs and maintenance can cause distress, loss of rental income, and risk the health and safety of occupants. Our repair and maintenance disputes notice will put all the facts on the table early so the owners corporation knows exactly what it has to do to avoid legal costs and damages.

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